Generic Photo #1.

Don't you wish you were here instead of on this blog?

Wait. We will replace these pics with something good.

These pictures are beautiful, aren't they? They mean nothing as of yet.

I have to think of something earthshattering to include right here.

Enjoy these lovely generic photos until they are replaced with something more humorous and fitting.

Something important will happen here.

These are not photos of my last family vacation.

Default slides are boring.

I think I'll replace these photos with pictures of llamas and geese. Or something.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pardon Our Dust

It's you! I'm so glad you came to my new blog. Just watch those boxes and don't trip on the ottoman. Things aren't quite ready yet, but let me show you around.

Uh... I guess this is pretty much it. Kinda small, huh? I mean, it looked so much bigger when the Realtor brought me through last week, but then, she had it all tricked out. I think they call it "staged." Too bad, really, because then it had all these cool widgetty things in the sidebars and a header. I mean, you can totally imagine it with a header, right? Maybe something all funky like a Madras plaid or a batik print. Although I was thinking of being all hip and minimalist. Which it sort of is now and that's just... well, that's boring.

Okay, maybe I should just offer you something to drink. At least I would, but I'm not sure where the movers put the cooler. I don't have the fridge cleaned out yet. The last renters were total slobs, so unless you want what I think used to be Kung Pao Chicken, you're out of luck. Oh, hey! I do have half a can of lukewarm green tea. No? You sure? Alright. 

I'm thinking of putting a banner ad over here. What? Yeah, you're right, that's just what I was going to say. Totally tacky, huh? Maybe a little quiz or a Twitter feed thingie over next to the window. With a goldfish bowl! That'd look great, yeah.

Not much here, is there? I mean, there's that post down there that I experimented with but it needs about four more passes of editing, and I just got so impatient. No one likes to live in a place with absolutely nothing on the walls at all, you know? Yeah, I'll probably replace that right after you leave...

So, what do you think?