Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Fantastic New Blog Template (or How I Look Like A Serious Blogger)

Please enjoy this donkey.
I chose this new template to reflect my serious stance on humor. I think it works well. It gives the illusion that I'm up to lots of things at once, and that I have many, many important things to blog about. Or perhaps you look at it and assume I have a staff of people cranking out lots of articles. None of the above is true, but there's nothing like throwing people off your small-time scent and making them think there's something going on here that is larger than all of us.

I will, however, be adding some interesting categories. I haven't entirely picked them out yet, though. So hang tight. We'll get to it, and I'm sure it will be impressive. In the meantime, enjoy the random photos and the generic text and the links that go nowhere. I'll get around to attaching them to something as soon as I can figure out how that all works. Or maybe I'll get just someone on my "staff" to get working on that. I'll ask during a "board meeting" in which I am the boss of all bosses because I provide both "bagels" and "doughnuts."


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