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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

255 Visitors Can't Be Wrong - Or Can They?

I've had this blog for awhile now and have done virtually nothing with it. Maybe you view that as some sort of rookie mistake, but truth be told, I have other blogs. Blogs with rather large followings. Blogs I've written many posts on. So, why do I shove this one aside?

Laziness, mostly. I have to log into this one differently from the others, and I can never remember the password. I also realize that the last post I wrote was about the release of my new book, The Archibald Review, a book whose name was changed shortly after the post, but I never corrected it so I felt like there was some big weight on my shoulders every time I thought about coming here. So, there's that.

Despite these shortcomings, somehow or another over 200 people have seen fit to swing by here. While I recognize that most of you are Russian spammers, that number was enough to make me realize that I was appearing to be one of those long abandoned blogs that no one writes in. The sort that irritate you when you're hoping to use that very name for your own blog, but you can't because someone is already using it, someone who only posted three times, the last post having been written in 2003. I get it. I really do.

So to all those people who really wanted to use, I am very sorry. But I'm not giving it up because today is housecleaning day.

Housecleaning item #1: The Archibald Review is not The Archibald Review any longer. It is now This Book Is Funny (arguably a worse title than the first, but it's selling, so I'll leave well enough alone).

Housecleaning item #2: All Russian spam comments will be eradicated from the site, pronto.

Housecleaning item #3: To all of you who sit on Blogger for hours and click the "Next Blog" button just to see what will pop up, thank you for being my only legitimate visitors. It's an honor to have you come by.

Housecleaning item #4: (Three items felt more balanced, but I've got this to contend with so bear with me.) My tagline says, "Writer of humor, eater of mangoes." Thought I'd clear that up a minute. Yes, I'm a writer of humor. Yes, I do eat mangoes. But it's been so long since I could afford a mango that I'm feeling a bit guilty about keeping that in there. I'd switch it, but the color scheme is clearly mango inspired and then I'd have to alter that too, which seems like an even bigger inconvenience than rewriting the tagline.

Thanks for hanging on, you few real live visitors. I'm going to write stuff here now, so if you want to visit occasionally, that'd be great.